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Title: Citizens will organize flash mobs Flash mob at Paradox Plaza!
Post by: jma325 on September 03, 2015, 07:12:06 pm
I love the creativity of not only the visual design, but of the back stories of the characters as well. If you visit their website's heroes section, you can look at each hero's abilities and read their often hilarious back stories. Creativity is something that this industry often lacks and it is very refreshing to see a game with new and silly character concepts, which is definitely Awakening of Heroes' strongest selling point.All in all, Awakening of Heroes seems to be a fresh take on the MOBA genre. The creativity behind the character and world design cannot be overlooked, and is one of the strongest selling points that the Neverwinter game has. Attempting a release into a cluttered market can be very tricky, but I believe that Awakening of Buy Neverwinter Gold (  Heroes is just different enough to have a chance at becoming a successful addition to the genre. If you are interested in taking a further look into Awakening of Heroes, check out their official site, where you can also sign up for their alpha. Also, consider visiting their Greenlight page and leaving a vote as well as some constructive feedback.What are your thoughts attempting to break out in such a dense market? Do you think that Awakening of Heroes has a chance of being a success in the genre? Cities:Skylines has been a source of much conversation over the past few weeks. It was released to the press a week before launch, which generated a ton of hype for the release, which occurred on March 10th. the Neverwinter game has been commended for being what Sim City should have been, and for being one of the best city simulation Neverwinter games in recent memory. Cities:Skylines sold over 250,000 copies in the first 24 hours it was on sale, which broke Paradox's one-day sale record. For those of you who are still on the fence about purchasing the Neverwinter game, here are six reasons, mostly just fantastic examples of the detail put into the Neverwinter game, why you need to add Cities:Skylines to your collection.#1 Citizens will organize flash mobs Flash mob at Paradox Plaza! Occasionally, you will see posts pop up in your feed where one of your citizens will talk about organizing a flash mob in a nearby plaza. If you take the time to figure out which plaza that they are located in, you can be treated to some hilarious dance moves and what is a fantastic little detail that makes the Neverwinter game all the more amazing. #2 People actually have specific homesA claimed, but unfortunately unimplemented feature in Sim City was that each person in your city would actually have a real home that they would reside in and that if you followed that person, they would always return to the same home. That is the case in Cities:Skylines. If you follow people around your city you will find that they will return to their actual home instead of just ducking into the nearest building. This feature really helps to add to the feeling of a living, breathing city, which is much of what gives the Neverwinter game such a charming appeal.