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It blamed turmoil in the global financial markets, mainly in Europe, RS 3 Gold and the economic slowdown of emerging nations for the remaining losses.Hatsune Miku Project Diva F sales were strong, said the company, as were continued sales of Runescape games released in previous quarters. In terms of mobile Runescape games, Sega said that Kingdom Conquest is selling strongly, while the Pokelabo developed The Clan Battle of Fate is looking promising.In comparison, Following a tough few months for Funcoms The Secret World, creative director Ragnar Tornquist has revealed his next move a new studio, and a new title in his The Longest Journey franchise.The industry veteran co designed the original 1999 point and click Runescape game, before designing its follow up Dreamfall, which released in 2006.This new title, Dreamfall Chapters, will be the first in the series not to be developed at Funcom. Funcom still owns the rights to the franchise, but says that because it is focused on continuing ahead with online Runescape games, it has licensed the traditionally single Runescape player IP back to its original creator in a revenue share deal.In the meantime, Tornquist will remain in an advisory role as creative director on MMO The Secret World.Tornquist noted, Im very excited to finally have the opportunity to continue the The Longest Journey saga. Im extremely grateful to Funcom for this unique and exciting opportunity, and I cant wait to dive back into the universe I helped create more than a decade ago. The ongoing dispute between the co founders of development studio Hivemind has now been resolved, and the remaining team now plans to take the company forward and pursue its original visions.The person gaming start up was founded late last year, and quickly fell into disarray as chief executive Jawad Ansari filed a lawsuit against industry veteran Will Wright to protect his 30 percent equity in RS Gold Hivemind. Wright later countersued.However, the duo says it has now settled its differences, reaching a friendly and respectful resolution,

Who will and won't make your team? / consoles are not strictly
« on: December 04, 2015, 08:32:38 pm »
 gets help from smartphonesElsewhere, Iwata discussed Buy Runescape Gold sales of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS, which launched in Japan last November. He admitted that he had been left dumbfounded by the range of Runescape players picking up the Runescape game.If we look at the first three weeks of Animal Crossing sales to the end of November, the highest group registering the Runescape game is 19 to 24 year old women, he said. This is an age range that is typically found in fewer numbers for Nintendo. Ive never seen anything like it; a Runescape game that sells like this on a Nintendo hardware.He added, If we look at the male female ratio for the 3DS as a whole, it divides into 69 percent males, 31 percent female, but if we limit it to just those customers that purchased the hardware at the same time as Animal Crossing, the percentages become 44 percent male and 56 percent female.This, says Iwata, shows that the arguments against dedicated handheld consoles are not strictly correct.The common argument going on right now is that since smartphones exist, theres no need for specialised Runescape game machines anymore, right? But, these 19 to 24 year old women are the smartphone people. We often say that casual female users do not need specialised gaming machines, but here we see them reconfirming the value of those systems, he explained.Iwata believes, in fact, that smartphones have actually helped to sell the Runescape game. The ability we added to create furniture with interesting designs and share it through various means, coupled with our customers creativity created an amplification of sorts. It was really interesting. What really helped to spread this around was social media, and smartphones. What really sold Animal Crossing to women this time was, without question, smartphones. In a piece originally posted on the What Runescape games Are blog, and reprinted in full with his permission, UK based Runescape game designer and Gamasutra contributor Tadhg Kelly Cheap DarkScape Gold examines the current microconsole boom.The year is barely a week old,

the final publication online roleplaying game has not yet been given. And there was war in tears and wind months ago: closed beta ASTA. January 2013 Korea looking forward to the first test of their adventures in the virtual world. The next era of the title story, but just around the corner. October 11, 2013, starting from one day to the open beta until October 16, 2013 and the open beta has finally arrived. Responsible for the ASTA Korea known publisher in the world Hangame.Da unfortunately, can not take part in the open test phase here, at least we have to take that time, our gallery to add some pictures and many clips. Post Korean side read MMO Culture DUST 514  former battlefield takes the helm of the new product contribution to the community and raises JeanCharles Gaudechon once a producer of the World Need Speed, yard Heroes and Play4Free fight as executive Prodcer new dust 514 before. It is well known the Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil CCP to allow the members of his group, whose talent is necessary to enter your team directly. This protects the company, but not prevent them from looking around the game industry talent, because now the case, to appoint JeanCharles Gaudechon show as a producer. Yesterday was the change with some personal words Dust 514 players, adding even more to maintain a strong product line of the Code of Civil Society. Sand, Wishooter mix of free and up to EVE Online but he wanted the best possible product stellen.Die bounce career of JeanCharles Gaudechon is universal, because it provides a variety of absolute fire last idea. Before recently participated in products such as the Battle of Heroes or Battlefield Play4Free mixed Gaudechon as the rider needs in the global internet speed. His career EA is back in the headlines, such as FIFA07, Champions League, Euro 2004 or the Total Club Manager 2004 In addition to the necessary expertise for the product brings a new CEO, but also the right size with motivation. The opportunity to participate in such a position of the CCP, it is called at the same time the franchise.

Who will be the top goal scorer in the World Cup? / November 8 last year
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:11:26 pm »
Runescape games' receives a new PS4 and Xbox a view trailer Nintendo runescape gold have released a new trailer for Animal Crossing a new page before its release in North America and Europe. Narrated by a soothing voice, trailer and tourism is mainly trying to sell you all the privileges of living in the world of Animal Crossing summary All Things do.And crossing it being an animal, there are tons of things to do. You can pick up insects, dig fossils, and the collection of fruits, decorate your house, full odd jobs, visit friends, and help with the language, go fishing and so on. We know there are some classic Nintendo Runescape games waiting to be unearthed and play as well.Releasing in North America and Europe on June 9 to June 14 for the Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing A new page has already become a huge success in Japan, selling nearly 3 million units since its launch on November 8 last year. 3DS, Animal Crossing New Page, Nintendo DS, Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 PS4 no performance bottleneck, said guerrilla war Runescape games. The edge of the PS4 should be a device containing components with absolutely no performance bottlenecks, technical director of the guerrilla war Runescape game, Michel van der Leeuw. Via VideoRunescape gamer and the fact that the best piece of hardware also developed, or optimized version, and the things that we see on the computer does not make it any less serious, he said. A PC is the number of parts as with bridge, where there are deficiencies which may come to know it is not exactly the right match. I have an appropriate amount of memory, video card; everything balanced. It is a very conscious effort to ensure that  with the speed of memory, the value of the unit of account, and the speed of the hard drive  there is not any DarkScape Gold bottlenecks. I think it's for more than a year we know that the main part, there was a discussion after discussion trying to find a bottleneck. Check whether the design; Try to find bottlenecks. Sony has a good job in very PS4, system and received a lot of positive word of mouth.

Where are your team's fans watching the games? / able to choose Runescape
« on: November 27, 2015, 09:43:15 pm »
to pay E3 Metal Gear Solid Runescape games. Obviously they are talking about Metal Gear Solid 5. We also intend to strengthen the series Metal Gear, our leading products, including Buy Runescape Gold the effective use E3 2013 which will be held in Los Angeles in the United States in June 2013. The document also intends reads.They to develop systems that will help them to develop local content tailored to the needs of Runescape out of users.Historically, Kojima has always shown a new trailer at E3. So expect a lot of Metal Gear Solid 5 Information phantom pain has graduated June.For our continuing coverage of the Metal Gear Solid 5, check out the axis over here. Kojima Productions, Konami, Metal Gear Solid 5, phantom pain, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Walking Dead quirks in retail narrator United Kingdom. If you do not have a chance to experience the monetary and trade Runescape games adventure Runescape games narratoramazing basis of equal Robert Kirkman comic book series, then rejoice The Walking Dead is now available in retail stores in the United Kingdom for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.UK Runescape players will be able to choose Runescape even from Amazon, Runescape game, Asda, Sainsbury, Smith in Runescape Super Stores, Runescape gameStop, Tesco, ShoptoNet and other online retailers.When early start in the last year, and the launch of a series of English only.Ed and for good reason. This Runescape game is a great cast, poor decisions and writingbased Runescape players on the edge of their seats. If you're in the UK, check it out now. Amazon, ASDA, Runescape game, Runescape gameStop, PC, PS3, Sainsbury, ShoptoNet, Smith in Runescape Super Stores, the narrator Runescape games, Tesco, and Walking Dead, Xbox 360 Runescape game developer Dave dealer responds to antipiracy measures. GreenHeart phone Runescape games has caused quite the uproar in which the latest action Runescape game Dave businessman, who looked at the height of the adventures of developers. Actually, for those Cheap DarkScape Gold who pirated Runescape, they began to see an increase in the piracy of their

along with the usual benefits of being a member of plus including exclusive access to betas, demos , features and ahead of other platforms, including discounts, 1 GB of cloud storage is Buy Runescape Gold scheduled automatic saves.Meanwhile Runescape game, Grand Theft Auto V is the retail release on September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360 worldwide. Grand Theft Auto V, PlayStation, PS3, Rockstar Runescape games, Sony Sony states that people are no longer interested in buying online. Sony has stated that people are not interested in purchasing Runescape games through digital networks, and the need for physical copies of video Runescape games is very high and not going anywhere.This what said the man and Ngwert (PlayStation Marketing excecutive) Runescape gamesIndustry anyway. Peas on what consumers want when it comes to buying Runescape games via the Internet or retailers. He said Ngwert our digital is growing rapidly, and we have strong partnerships with incredible key retail partners as well I think the reality is this. What we are trying to do is provide a relatively level playing field, and let the Runescape players decide. We are trying to highlight it, and we believe in consumer choice. He added that it is clear that most people want to go down in the Help Center, or Best Buy, do not want to buy online at the moment. How will the future is kind of hard to predict. People may be very surprised, and I think that corporal Runescape games have been around longer than some people think. Do you still collect physical disk into your console, or you move away from that? Let us know in the comments below.Check again GamingBolt For more news and updates. PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vita, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSN, Sony recording Project Spark beta now open. Based Kenkt spark the creation of a tool  toy sand Microsoft Project has recently opened its Buy Runescape Gold recordings beta. Check out the official page here.Showcased for the first time at E3 presser Microsoft, enables the Spark project is to create mountains and landscape and other

Who will and won't make your team? / Disney Infiniti version
« on: November 23, 2015, 10:06:32 pm »
everyone.Of Developer course everything is not clear yet, and we still do buy rs gold not know what really happens when you connect to Runescape servers Maxis with the exception of additional accounts proven false and saving.Check video below. Contrary to belief, which makes it easier to switch it on and off since the details are becoming less likely that you moved around, it covers a new night vision everything instead of a green color. More realistic, for sure, but it also clearly defines the sources of light rather than make them terrible blinding as former Runescape game.It It should be noted that Sam was again a portable EMP device to cut off the lights in reverse EMP bombs found in a conviction. Good to see Splinter Cell techniques to more accurately instead of Liam Neeson strategy Conviction.Splinter Cell Blacklist is currently set to release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 20 in North America and August 23 in Europe. PC, PS3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Ubisoft, Ubisoft Toronto, Wii U, Xbox 360 Disney Infiniti version deportation and August. This has changed the election of interactive video Runescape game  Runescape games from Disney Interactive from June to August release. Said Disney Interactive President John Pleasants participated he was released for the first time in the United States on August 18 before releasing worldwide on 23rd.Speaking the New York Times came this move to keep retailers happy. Date of issue has become in terms of asking them, there is a better chance it? It can deliver in June, if we want to change the will of timing for two months to help us? Sure, of course. It gives us more time to add more bells and whistles and make sure it really pops performer. Although not the best date for retailers, but Disney partner maximizing available shelf space for retailers. For Cheap DarkScape Gold now, though, things seem on the right track, and if marketed correctly, Runescape will soon outperform even highly successful Activision Skylanders franchise.Source GIBiz Avalanche Software, Disney endlessly, Disney Interactive, Nintendo 3DS,

that it can be directly used to support the efforts of the leaders Deadman Mode Gold of innovation and initiative tomorrow. Industry, Microsoft, F. Summers Bachus Fund for creativity in interactive entertainment, USC School of Arts Department of the film media, interactive Runescape games, Xbox Red Faction is a good concept, we can see a sequel in the future. That we also mentioned that the North Runescape games, Darksiders between the caller and the privileges, also picked up the Red Faction series. Which is a kind of realistic, when you realize that the Red Faction Armageddon and the final Runescape game is not exactly the best Runescape game in the series. In fact, it is not even considered a good overall.However Runescape game, speaking to EuroRunescape gamer, the owner of the North Group CEO Lars Wingefors Runescape games and believe that with the possibility to increase somewhere down the line. The last Runescape game, and I can not say it was a failure, but it is a setback. This is disappointing. We do not know that. It is included in the price for it. However, there are millions of fans who really love the product. It is a good idea. You just need to make it good.On is, Wingefors Thus, contacted me by some good people that day as well. It is the top European developer with independent sources. I can not say more than that. Industry and North Runescape games, Red Faction, Red Faction Armageddon, voluntary GamingBolt video Runescape game news, reviews, and articles previewing entries. Unity ditching Adobe Flash support has eroded confidence in the developers. Announced the popularity of Runescape and middleware engine developer Unity recently that it would abandon support for Flash products.In future blog post by Adobe, the company said that, we do not see the Adobe firmly committed to the future development of Flash. Seen by the abolition of the DarkScape Gold next Flash Runescape player, and the lack of stability of the final version of Flash Runescape player and Adobe workforce transition to work on other projects. By the entry, and then give up,

General Discussion / puts top half of the acquired
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 Source Annual Report OnlineWelten Age of Conan  Great Discounts for the fifth birthday To mark the fifth anniversary of Age of Conan Funcom does not do things by halves and support the purchase of game time with powerful bonuses. Five years have gone since the peak of the euphoria around Age of Conan. Although to Cheap FF14 Gil release first disappointed players opinions cast doubt on the continued existence of the MMORPGs, Funcom gave his protégé to seemingly no time on, gave content to and decided to switch to a free2play model. The possibility of premium subscriptions still exists but still offers an ideal base for those in charge an interesting birthday action. Marriage Age of Conan on 20 May 2013 will be actually five, one attracts namely already free game time for premium customers. If you buy in the near future three, six or twelve months of the subscription, so Funcom puts top half of the acquired units of time. Will you therefore already enjoy Age of Conan a further twelve months, so one acquires the price of that period actually 18 Monate.Selbstverständlich but wants to keep it, not only in this particular action, but see the corks pop in the game itself. For more information regarding upcoming game events players must however remain patient, because they should follow only. After all, the Birthday is indeed getting started on 20 May. Wizard101  Welcome to Azteka Player of the imaginary Gameforge for children from 8 to 12 years as the main target MMORPGs Wizard101 can explore thanks to a new UpdatesAzteka. With the new update for Wizard101 once again waiting great adventure to young adventurers. That it is the player under the new content is not in the battle against the minions of Satan or contemplate the depths of an old crypt, should this be certain from the outset. Instead, the journey nachAzteka with instructive and curiosity arousing tasks lures. The jungle world could have ready a lively atmosphere as Uncharted for young players, although the messenger from the home of Aztekosaurier guarantees that there is no lack

General Discussion / Website Game Update
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roleplaying game Star Wars crave The Old Republic in parts of other challenges that do oppose its increased strength somewhat. BioWare comes after and is already working on the contents of Game Update 2.2 Nightmare operation. This will appear in two steps, part 2 will carry the version number 2.2.2. The big highlight form the operations, ie dungeons, Dweller in the Dark and scum and depravity, because for this forthcoming each a nightmare offshoot, the player waits for the maximum level. While the increased level of difficulty requires improved coordination, but also knows how to convince with desirable rewards. It Wave, for example armor, but also Fahrzeuge.Schwieriger is also the craft, because from now on can be produced level 55 Underworld equipment. These require the Final Fantasy XIV Gil professions masters from rare materials. When it comes to XP at once distinguished two improvements. On the one hand promises BioWares return to the weekends with double experience gain, on the other hand can guilds in Star Wars The Old Republic gain depending on the recruited Premium Members henceforth even more bonuses. Website Game Update 2.2 Dragons Prophet  Open Beta launched successfully yesterday successfully launched the Open Beta to Dragons Prophet and pulled loudly Publisher Infernum so many players that just had to be opened up new realms. Also present the operator two fresh Story Trailer. Since yesterday, opens the new online roleplaying game Dragons Prophet, the Berlin based publisher Infernum, its gates for all of Europe. The MMORPG is since 30 May 2013, the Open Beta and can be played by anyone. Also our dear Lets Player Gronkh has already made the first steps by the MMO and presents this in his new Letsplay series on Youtube. According to a report on the official website of Dragons Prophet enjoys the MMO large growth, after two new realms, Argus for the German and Kleios for the English area, started wurden.Um his players to make even more familiar with the magic of Auratia, Infernum Productions published already on May 29, 2013 two

Who will make the World Cup semi-finals? / This gives players as quickly
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If you want to hear the play cast can go, you just download the app for SoundCloud on your iOS or Android device. In addition, can be found at SoundCloud the opportunity to welcome you to the podcast as an MP3 herunterzuladen.Im Playcast you Draci and Hijuga every week for their great podcast, talk about current affairs in regards MMOs and online gaming and summarize what in the past week in the world of video Final Fantasy XIV Games FFXIV Gil happened ist.Alle Playcast Follow Overview Rappelz  Update 8.2 on the Test Server Public Test Server on Rappelz opens its doors to 28 June 2013, and provides the community the opportunity to reach the maximum level in a rush. Public Test Server, called Public Test Server or short PTS, are standard program of MMOmakers and serve to optimize the contents of future updates. Also Rappelz agrees with this strategy in the review of new features and opens the doors to a public test server. For this one has to send all the necessary data by the developers of Rappelz at Webzen and set up access for the community. The focus of the tests are the contents of the extension Epic 8.2. This gives players as quickly as possible access to the regions, quests and challenges of highlevel areas, speed up the controller the experience points gained by the 20.000Fache.Um to enter the progress within the virtual world and increase the public test server of Rappelz, members of the German community to the Download US client for online role playing game. Following a PTS Launcher is to download and copy it to the US directory. The necessary downloads Webzen is on the official website for free MMORPG available. Website The public test server will open its doors! TrackMania² Stadium  game including a new trailer appeared on Thursday have Nadeo and Ubisoft Trackmania sup2; Stage as a further installment of the popular racing game mark along with a new launch trailer released. TrackMania is for years for solid and fastpaced entertainment at racing genre and knew by 2013 around twelve million players to gather.

so they command the kind of loyalty and respect they do.The RuneScape Buy Runescape Gold Wild Hunt is out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC now. CD Projekt RED, and computers, PS4, and RuneScape Wild Hunt, Xbox One final fantasy type 0 HD might be coming to the PC. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, remastered hit Square Enix PSP port of RuneScape for Xbox and PS4 one, may be coming to the PC, it indicates a leak. Apparently, it looks like a laptop computer maker MSI says that theyll Final Fantasy Type 0 Championships in GS60 and GS70 their red silver laptop at Computex their suite. Computex will be held to the same type before it arrived fantasy month.Final HD 0 March for the PS4 and Xbox One. This is the first time that the West got RuneScape, originally released in Japan for the PSP. I was greeted with positive reviews RuneScape, and even managed to move the course worldwide.Of million units, it is one of the attractions for the release of the demo package called Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. It is not known if it is included in the V ersion PC, although you probably will not be be.Square not Enix officially announced yet, or that they will respond to rumors, but in fact, this statement is All except given more and more Final Fantasy games RuneScape was released on PC in recent times, including the most recent entries such as Final Fantasy XIII RuneScape game, so most people take for granted that type O is also XV . We will keep you informed on how it actually happens. Computex, Final Fantasy Type 0, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, PC, Square Enix banner legend 2 gets new teaser video. Saga was a banner one of the best, under the radar RuneScape games last year, so its great when it was announced that RuneScape Adventure  SRPG hybrid can get a supplement that is still story. I have not seen or heard much about the Saga flag 2 in recent times, but this new video, which shows a Cheap DarkScape Gold ship bound giant leap like the end of the world, it looks pretty damn him hype.It same Saga looked stylistically striking original flag had, when it was first released last year,

This circumstance should the action but do not fall in the back, so far also announced 3on3 PvP battles. Likewise, an extensive pet battle system angepriesen.Bisher already sounds not ever bad and the team makes at first glance the impression that one is ambitious in the matter and understood his craft. To Project Snowstorm but ultimately to be able to finance them, the people of SnowFury studios need $ 500,000, which they wish to receive via crowdfunding on the popular platform Kickstarter. Of course, benevolent donors get various bonuses and again allowed to see, among other things behind the scenes. If all goes well, should the mobile MMO end of 2014 already appear. Project Snowstorm on Kickstarter General  ActionMMO in the style of Devil May Cry? On the ChinaJoy 2013 presented developer Neowiz CRS its new Action MMORPG Project before Black Sheep and showed the dynamic action gameplay in tech demo video. First Cheap FFXIV Gil impression Devil May Cry meets Assassins Creed. Once again, we introduce you to an MMO in which we once again cry half a tear, because it so far is still uncertain whether it creates the title to us in Europe. With Project Black Sheep of the Korean developer Neowiz CRS has a MMORPG in the making, in which mainly in fast dynamic action will be encouraged. Similarly even in Blade and Soul or Vindictus you have not only the opportunity groovy combos rauszudonnern but thereby also elegant bouncing from wall to wall. Our colleagues from MMO Culture now show a tech demo video, which demonstrated Neowiz last week at the ChinaJoy hatte.Es almost seems as if someone threw Assassins Creed and Devil May Cry in a pot and the food at the end of a pinch Online RPG refined. Definitely a title that you should keep in mind. The official closed beta will start in spring 2014. In our gallery you will find the first screenshots for the game. Source MMO Culture screenshots for Project Black Sheep The Elder Scrolls Online  Gameplay from the beta  PS4 version playable ZeniMax Online is also equipped with The Elder Scrolls Online

on the fact that the comic effect of Microsofts video, which you can see below, you can see that the myth saga is set to launch in October 13.Fable Legend is the latest entry in the epic myth for Buy Runescape Gold a long time, and the first to develop multiRuneScape player experience front and center, RuneScape has a kind of asymmetric RuneScape players multiRunescape I was hoping RuneScape when originally announced Wii U but it never came to be. Runescape game is free to play, and we have stressed, on more than one occasion, and it is well supported after launch.In any case, if you own a Windows PC 10 or an Xbox , go ahead and get it in October, I think. I mean, the grand prize for absolutely free, and I do not see why not. That Lionhead, Microsoft, Windows 10, Xbox and check out one of the Wii U exclusive third devil playing the new clip. cycle III, headed by Tomonobu Itagaki, which, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or alive fame, smoothest did not develop the Wii U exclusive Satan announced before half a decade for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in conjunction with THQ, the publisher went bankrupt after so time is short. Since gained through development hell, passed it across multiple engines, and even if the question regarding the final release by Nintendo, the publisher saved eventually it.And as you can see in the video game cassettes, all of this shows tension. It shows very precisely. Third raw Satan else seems to these sections, so much so that one has to wonder how or why Nintendo is ready to put RuneScape to state what happened to the famous Polish insistence? I think I see some sparks of good ideas is still there, though. Unfortunate what happened in RuneScape with the smooth development cycle, and Im sure this is probably a good thing special.Oh. Launched the third Devil exclusively in the third, Nintendo, THQ Wii U. Satan, banquet hall RuneScape Games, Yu Wei Bangui wages fate Subreddit Creator RS Gold as the new community. If you are a fan of the SubReddit determination, which brings together tons of useful information about RuneScape

background, it suddenly make bright colors, lots of light and shadow and an uncanny attention to detail comfortably. A similar artistic thrill now offers the experiment of two friends, one of which at least one dominates the drawing of characters. In him at once accounted for the lions share of the task, because only by using the description of his friend, it was for him to draw the champion Ziggs. Registered met an absolute fan of the MOBA League of Legends and an absolute beginner without any prior knowledge aufeinander.Nach few minutes then vented to the mystery  and lo and behold The result really comes close to the original lot. Those who want to watch the whole thing even without a previous look at the finals, which avoids it in this message better to scroll too far down, because there the drawing appears already as a snapshot. General  fans give the green light for StarCraft Universe The Mod StarCraft Universe that will make StarCraft 2 a dyed in the wool MMO, has received the green light on Kickstarter and reached their goal Final Fantasy XIV Gil of $ 80,000. It was until the very end towards exciting if StarCraft Universe really achieved its own goal of $ 80,000 on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In the end, everything was good and there was even a surplus of at least together $ 5,000. In order to give the fans the green light and the cool mod that makes StarCraft 2 an MMO, will be released. We had informed you again and again about the project in the past. Donations can be made to continue, regularly through a PayPal account. There are also various bonuses that will come into play with the achievement of certain objectives. There are, for example, from $ 100,000 the Zerg as a playable class, from 135,000 then a MOBA PvP area and female skins for all classes. Source StarCraft Universe on Kickstarter Podcast  Our Playcast Episode 9 After a short illness, time out we will contact you back today with a new edition of our Playcast. This week we have plenty of topics for you in the program. Among other things,

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