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This is just my personal experience
« on: August 22, 2015, 04:50:29 am »
Barry: Today, the former Red Devils Manchester United has a non-
1999, when Barry first trip to Old Trafford to play when he was 19 years old. Year in May, Manchester United has just become the Triple Crown, when Barry played for Aston Villa is not the slightest chance of winning. Red Devils array superstar Scholes, Andy - Cole and Keane each scored, no doubt to 3: 0 victory over opponents. But today when, a guest called the Theatre of Dreams, awe and fear had vanished. Sunday, Barry will come to Manchester United and Everton at home, he will try to win three years in the first four victories here. Previously, he was a guest twice with Manchester City beat the Red Devils (6: 2: 1), Everton last season and made a 1: Victory 0, this is the first time in 21 years toffee complete this achievement . Although summer signings to spend 150 million pounds, but Barry said that Manchester United had lost its aura. When asked whether or not a guest Dream Theater fear, Barry mouth and no mercy. 'It took me 12 years to win there, but in the past three guests, I have taken away the victory. This is just my personal experience, but also to some extent proved, perhaps no longer the former Manchester United Red Devils. Our coach (Martinez) also encouraged the FIFA 15 players, he thinks we are good enough, have the ability to come to places like Old Trafford and to achieve the desired results. 'Barry said. Although such a combination can be discharged Manchester United Van Persie, Mary and Falcao, but serious injuries and suspensions defense will have to push the front McNair again, as the central FIFA 15 defender role. Even so, as Everton array of the most experienced FIFA 15 players, Barry has the responsibility to inform the Manchester United Ultimate Team-mate is still a dangerous opponent, even if their fifa coins Wayne Rooney was suspended. 'We must give due respect to the opponent, they have many talented FIFA 15 players, if they work together, have the ability to beat any Ultimate Team. Therefore, we need an exciting performance. '' I think, guest beat Manchester United last season, my Ultimate Teammates is the novelty of the experience, this is a fantastic victory, but also an important battle. Everton win was not there for many years, and with the excellent performance to beat the opponent, our locker room atmosphere became very wonderful. 'Barry finally said:' This victory last season, let the club down with confidence, I believe we will try again to take third from the away. '